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Extract of selected Nordic black and red currants, boosted with magnesium. The patented Ribetri™ A formula provides new energy by increasing the activity in your mitochondria. Suitable for anyone seeking to combat fatigue and exhaustion.

Patented Ribetril A
High in magnesium
Noticeable effect after 2-4 weeks

Skin - coming soon

Extract of selected varieties of Nordic black and red currants, boosted with collagen. The patented formula increases your energy level and improves your skin’s resilience, elasticity, and moisture-binding ability.

Patented Ribetril A
With collagen
Noticeable effect after 2-4 weeks
Your daily dose of health and energy



your daily energy level

with the patented Ribetril A formula



your immune system

with essential minerals and antioxidants



your performance

by increasing your physical potential and supporting your endurance



your recovery

by speeding up your muscles' healing process

Carefully selected ingredients

Our Botanicals are created with an uncompromising approach to quality - from the cultivation of the plants in the field to their evidence-based effects on the body's cells.

Ribes nigrum L

+ Vitamin C
+ Calcium
+ Antioxidants

Ribes rubrum L


Included in the product Energy


Included in the product Skin

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